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This is my collection of personel recorded mp3s that I occationaly get in to my head to post online. If you see any thing you like please feel free to comment on it.
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The Circle

Posted 02-03-2011 at 08:10 PM by Bishop
Tags country , cover , gospel

One of the hardest things I've had to do musicaly in recent years was to learn to turn the clock back and play a simplified style of bare bone chording. I did this when a fellow I met at a jam professed to me that he had started learn to play guitar but just couldn't do it.

Now I'm one guy who believes that anyone can learn to play an instrument or sing if they realy want to and I always try to encourage student musicians because that gives me one more musician in the future that I can play music with.

I was therefore intriegued by this guy's plight and asked him how far he got in his progress before he gave up. He said that he had learned about six chords or two keys and when I asked him to demonstrate these on my guitar I was amazed to find that he was quite proficiant in their mechanics. He could get nice clear notes out of the instrument. "Why did you give it up?", I asked him. He said that he couldn't make use of them effectively.

If this confuses you let me explain. You see, there is more to learning music than just learning the chords. You need to learn tyming and when to change chords and what chords to change to. this man had learned the mechanics of playing chords, but was at a complete loss when the music changed chords. This is one of the hardest things to learn about music, because you can't effectively write it down in a book. It comes with pratice. You need to play with a recording or another musician and you need to do this a lot.

I asked him if he could find some one to sit down and play with in his area and he said there was one guy but he played so fast and his music was so complicated that this fellow couldn't follow it. I thought I'd do a simple thing and record some basic songs using just one voice and one guitar and basic simple chording methods that he could play along with and practice over and over untill he had trained his ear for music.

So I set about in this endevor never guessing how hard it would be. You can't imagine how hard it is to not do runs and slides and hamer-downs when they have become an intricate part of your music. In the end I got about five or six tunes done and recorded them to CD and gave them to him. He told me later that they helped him tons and that he's playing again. here is an example of what I'm talking about. It's nothing fancy but then that's exactly the point.

If you have someone in your family who's learning to play an instrument, see if you can get him some recordings of basic music he wants to play so he can play along and train his ear also.
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