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This is my collection of personel recorded mp3s that I occationaly get in to my head to post online. If you see any thing you like please feel free to comment on it.
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Guitars, Whiskey, Guns and Knives

Posted 02-17-2017 at 12:19 AM by Bishop

written by Mike Henderson and Chris Stapleton
recorded by The Steeldrivers

The Steel drivers have a way of combining The Blues and Bluegrass in a believable mix. That is what I like about them and that is what I like about this tune. It has the sharp edge of the Blues and the sharp sound of Bluegrass.

Written by Mike Henderson and Chris Stapleton, 'Guitars, Whiskey, Guns and Knives' is fast and simple. There are actually very few chords in this tune and the words are short and sweet. I may have messed up the words but I'm working from memory here and my hearing ain't what it used to be so... Anyway, Here is my cover of 'Guitars, Whiskey, Guns and Knives. Please excuse the harmonica in the background. I bought it some time back and thought I'd give it a try but... I can't play the harmonica! Still, I thought it added more than it took away from the recording so I left it in there. If you're not familiar with The Steeldrivers, Check them out on YouTube. They have some really great recordings.

In the mean-time take a listen to this cover. I hope you enjoy it.
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