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Arden School

Posted 08-25-2010 at 05:23 PM by Djt Arden

To Fellow Arden Parents

There is only a week left to object to this academy plan and I urge you to do so. The education of our children and the value of our homes is at stake here.

If, like us, you went to the so called consultation evening that they squeezed in on the last night of term so that as few as possible would go, you will have seen how many of us who did go were worried about the headlong rush and lack of planning with which this is being done and the way that our concerns were brushed off by the head and the governors. We were treated like our children and told not to worry it will all be fine.

But the concerns are real. Lets face it, the school is not being managed that well when it gets into a situation of not having enough classrooms and having the council planners forcing it to take away Portakabins. They blame the Council, but thats even more concerning because they donít even see that they should take accountability.

Then there is the thing of the headís private life appearing in the Daily Mirror. The Governors donít stop that happening but then they tell us that they have what it takes to remove the school from the Councils control and run it completely by themselves. I donít think so.

So these academies will be allowed by the government to do their own thing with admissions, outside of the council process for deciding who goes to what school. There will be no guarantee in future for local kids to get into Arden. We can see what is coming, they will pick and choose who gets in, probably have entrance exams, less clever kids will have to get buses elsewhere, parents will no longer have the reason to move to Knowle and house prices will drop.

Is this what we want?

No. We want better assurances, we want more discussion about it, we want the school to see that this a very huge deal for us all and needs taking more seriously. It is not good enough to say it will be alright, just leave it to us. We need to be told more of the facts. We need to have our say.

The governors are there to represent us not to do the bidding of an ambitious head. Please tell the Governors what you want by writing the attached letter or something like it in time for the September 3rd deadline. Lets make ourselves heard and stop this thing until we have better assurances about how things will be run.

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