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Chapter 6 part 2

Posted 08-21-2010 at 02:38 AM by

They arrived at her room. Kate walked over beside the bed slowly, stopped, and stood facing the
bed. Peter closed the door and locked it. Then went over and stood behind Kate. He put his
hands on her shoulders and pressed himself against her. As he slid his hands down her arms, he
leaned his head forward and gently kissed the side of her neck. His kisses worked their way up
her neck to her ear. "This is going to be great." He whispered. He continued to kiss her neck
and the tip of his tongue flicked at her ear lobe, while his hands journeyed down her waist, down
her thighs, to the hem of her skirt. His hands then changed direction and started back up,
bringing her skirt with them. As his fingers found the silky material once more, he guided his
left hand to the front and down between her warm thighs.
His kisses made her tingle, and as he raised her skirt her body quivered. While his fingers
worked their magic through the thin material, she felt like she would explode. She turned her
head so that her lips and tongue could meet with his. His right hand traveled up to the top button
of her blouse and released it. Then moving down to the next one and did the same.
He could feel her hips swaying back and forth in time with his talented left hand. His other doing
its work to uncover her breast. Her kisses were heaven, and her body of an angel. He could here
her heavy breathing turning into soft tones of pleasure in her throat. She raised her left hand
to cradle the back of his head, while his lips caressed her mouth, cheek, and neck. Her right
ventured behind and discovered that he too was as aroused as she. She felt his hands gliding up
across her now bare stomach, up to her breasts. She closed her eyes and savored his tantalizing
touch, but in her mind it wasn't Peters hands that thrilled her. Her thoughts were of Rick.
As his hands experienced the warmth of her breasts, he could feel their arousal through the lacy
garment that still enclosed them.
"Take it off." She whispered in a soft sexy voice, her eyes still closed, looking like she was
talking into empty space.
"What?" He said, half startled.
She took a couple of deep breaths. Her fingers gently squeezed the hand full behind her. "My bra.
Take it off." She turned her head to look at him. His lips joined with hers as his fingers
fumbled with the hooks. As the last hook came free, their lips parted. Her head remained turned
back at him, but her eyes were closed again.
He felt the garment come free, as the kiss come to its end. He watched her moist lips as they
formed the words.
"Oh my God, yes." Her voice barely loud enough to here. She turned to now face him. Sliding both
hands around his neck, She opened her eyes to meet his. Her mind was in a mild shock, still hoping
to see Rick. She pressed her lips together, and swallowed. She new that her encounter has gone
too far to stop now. She lowered her hands to the front of his neck, and proceeded to unbutton
his shirt. As she watched her hand at work, she thought, why didn't I just say no down in the
restaurant. She new she wanted this as much as him, But her thoughts kept drifting off to Rick.
She felt his kisses on her neck, and slowly moving down. She thought about stopping him now, but
she couldn't do that. She wouldn't do that to a man after allowing him to go this far.
As his lips traced their path down her soft neck, he was anticipating the taste of the treasures
he had just uncovered. The smooth skin of her waist felt good under his hands. He felt her silken
fingers gliding lightly over his bare chest. He leaned back to look upon the vision before him,
before allowing his lips the pleasure of her exposed, forbidden charms. She slid her hands down
his stomach, to his belt, which she proceeded to unfasten. He looked up at her face, and she look
at his. The passion in her eyes was no longer there. Her hand continued to loosen his jeans, but
her face, her eyes, looked almost of fright. He gazed on her body once more, thinking how bad he
wanted her. He thought of all the other women he'd been with, and how they were like childish girls
compared to her. This was a real woman, a little voce in his head said. You won't get this
opportunity very often. His stare focused on her face once again. "No!" He said suddenly,
grasping her hands to stop their work.
"What?" Her expression was of shock, with a hint of relief.
He pulled her hands up to his chest, and looked deep into her eyes. "You are the sexiest, most
beautiful, woman I have ever seen. And God knows, I want you more than you can imagine, but I
can't. Not when you heart is longing for him."
She stared into his eyes, her mind trying to think of something to say. She thought of how she had
hurt him. Her eyes started to fill with tears. "Oh God Peter. I am so sorry." Her voice started
to quiver.
"No. It's all right." He whispered. His eyes twinkled with understanding. "I'm surprised a lady
like you aloud a man like me in your room."
She pressed her lips together to try to keep her lower lip from shaking. "I don't know what to say."
A tear trickled down her cheek.
He placed his hands on her shoulders. "You can say we'll still be friends, and you won't hold this
against me."
She managed to form her lips into a smile. "I would be proud to have you for a friend."
"I guess I should be going." He said, refastening his belt. "We still got one hell of an adventure
ahead of us."
"Yeah. we sure have." She said, looking off into thin air.
He opened the door, and stepped out into the hall. Kate grabbed the door with one hand, and pulled
her blouse close with the other.
"Well. See you tomorrow Peter."
"You bet. Friend."
Kate leaned forward and gave him one last kiss.
"Don't worry. I won't say a word.
"Thanks. I trust you." Kate said slowly closing the door.
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