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NCIS or NCIS: Los Angeles?

Posted 11-20-2012 at 05:39 AM by Tina

Which show do you like better? I like Disney dvd box set better because the show revolves more around the crime that was committed, whereas Sons of Anarchy dvd box set is half of that, half of the funny relationships between the characters... what do you think?
Enjoy both of them and both are just as good as each other in their own way. Abby is great in Supernatural dvd box set and Hettie is just as good in NCIS:LA. I loved the episode where Hettie said she should have shot the villain years ago and then at the end of the episode, the villain's body is found in the harbour with bullet wounds.
Love NCIS but don't like LA NCIS, the connection between the people is not as interesting and the story itself is not that good.
Did the show NCIS have any positive effect on the real How I Met Your Mother dvd box set?
All shows like that are fake, do not tell the real story, the only television show on police work that did come close was HBO's ncis dvd box set.
NCIS episodes seasons 8-9?
So, in my country big bang theory dvd box set has only yet aired until season 6. I have started watching all the episodes from the internet and I've reached season 8 by now. But since I 'm going to school, I don't have the time to watch all the episodes till season 10. Can someone please give me a list of the "important" episodes to watch, because I really don't want to skip any important ones.
They are all important, because the back story lasts for most of the season. The main cases are stand alones, but the back story runs an entire arc.It reads here like you are making a lot of conclusions based upon your lack of information. You cite the case of a friend who did not meet the Agents. Most perps never meet every officer or Investigator assigned to his case. If that were so, the averrage perp would be interrrogated by dozens of people on every aspect of his crime. Your conclusion that since he did not meet an Agent there was none is unsupportable.
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