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Chapter 6 part 3

Posted 08-21-2010 at 02:42 AM by

Rick was strolling up the hall, on his way to his room. His mind still on the light conversation
he'd been having with Sam and Julie. It helped take his mind off the mysterious mission. As he
rounded the corner, he stopped dead in his tracks. The sight made him tremble, his knees got weak,
and a shiver went up his spine. He stood there for only a few seconds, but what he was witnessing
made it seem like an eternity. It was Kate, standing in the door way of her room. Her blouse was
undone, being held closed by one hand, while Peter stood just outside the door with his shirt open.
He watched them kiss and apparently say good night. For a split second he had visions of the woman
he loved entangled with the other man, while their heated lust took control. Them he suddenly
turned and went back up the hall, before he was seen. His head hung down, his mind still traumatized.
He bumped into Sam and Julie, as they stepped off the elevator.
"Hey, where you going Rick?" Sam asked.
Rick looked up at his new friends, half startled. "Ah, I think I'm going to get a drink." He paused.
He didn't want to tell them what he saw. "It'll help me sleep."
"You OK? You look like you just seen a ghost." Sam asked, after seeing the blank expression on his
"Yeah! Sure! I guess it's just this damn mission on my mind. You two have a good night. I'm fine."
He tried hard to squeeze a grin on his lips. Then patted Sam on the shoulder. "Later buddy."
"Yeah. OK. Later." Sam watched the elevator doors close, then turned to Julie. "What do you
suppose that was all about?"
Julie looked back at the elevator, then at Sam, Her eyes filled with concern. "Beats me."
They continued toward their room. As they reached the corner, they got their answer. Peter was just
turning to walk away from Kates room, and Kate was stepping back out of the doorway, still holding her
blouse closed. They stopped at the corner.
"Oh my God!" Julie said in a low tone, so only Sam could here. "No wonder Rick needed a drink."
"Yeah, he really cares for her don't he?"
Julies eyes narrowed. "Yeah, and while we were worried about her feelings, she was busy getting felt
by someone else."
"Now! It's none of our business."
"Yeah, but what about poor Rick?"
"Hey look." Sam turned to face her. "I like Rick too. He's a good guy. But lets just stay out of it."
Julies face was filled with anger. She looked at Kates door out of the corner of her eye then back at
Sam. "Well I know one lady that's off my Christmas card list."
"Come on." Sam said, taking her by the arm. "Lets get some sleep." Sam walked Julie to her room,
and waited for her to go inside. Then continued to his own room right next to it.

Rick sat at the bar sipping his drink. He tried to keep his mind on the mission, but visions of Kate
and Peter filled his mind. He stared strait ahead, thinking of Peter undressing her. He visualized
every button, hook, and zipper being undone while the man kissed every inch of skin that he exposed.
He pictured Kate enjoying every second while egging him on. "Oh yes! More, more! Don't stop! Kiss
me everywhere!" As he saw the last silken garment fall to the floor, he saw them both look at him and
laugh. Then he heard Peter say "Guess I got her first." As he watched his hand venture into no mans
land, he heard Kates loud moans of pleasure, and Peter saying "Oh and she is so fine." Rick blinked
back to reality, took a big swig of his drink, then slammed the glass down on the bar with a clunk.
He looked to his lift, where he saw a beautiful blond seated two stools down. She gave him a smile
and with a slight tilt of her head, invited him up to her room. He gazed down at her legs. The dress,
that she wore, was split up the front. When she rotated the stool to face him, he could see the lacy
under garment that covered her prize. As he looked up at her face, he saw Kate in her place, then
the vision changed back to the blond. "No thanks." Rick said sliding off his seat. The blond
shrugged her shoulders and turn back to her drink. Rick left the bar and went back to his room. He
was right. The drink did help him sleep. As soon as he hit the bed he was out. The next morning he
would wake up still fully dressed.
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