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Posted 10-14-2011 at 03:36 PM by shock21
Updated 04-27-2013 at 03:20 PM by shock21

Profound words spoken by a fool who was constantly ignored but destined 2 rule all that his third eye could perceive. Thru constant application he learned the robodo of life. A rhythmic bob and weave that hypnotized those watching into a trance. Actully it was more of a dance. Though not always precise it was full of dramatic turns and twirls that could steal ones breath away. The most remarkable thing was this dance was usually done by 2. His ego and emotions sufficed as partners. They started off akward. He only had 2 feet .He learned to ride the beat not knowing that dance like most things depended upon physics.He did not know that the contrast between the reality of a situation and its illusion was part of this beautiful art. He would sometimes seem to defy gravity yet always seemed to keep his feet on the ground. Though the momentum of his turns seemed great gravity kept his balance intact. The momentum was the family at his back. Never lacking in support he begin to move and contort in such a way that it caught the eyes of many. The dancer became distracted. He played and acted as if the whole world sat upon his shoulders he would learn 2 step boldler. going places no man has gone before. Dodging obstacles, taking heroic leaps, bounding thru uncharted dreamscapes….unscathed.
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