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Posted 07-17-2010 at 07:20 AM by cher25051016

Cheranda Akers I'm the solution...peace maker here too, we are LIBRAS!
Thursday at 12:05am Like

Teresa Campbell That's a broad statement Cheranda. Last time I checked you were the problem
Thursday at 6:28am Like

Teresa Campbell Let's not forget how u owe me $1200, u made off with my very expensive formal dresses - all of them, or maybe how ur ex keyed my brand new car cause I told you to get out of the apt. None of these things have u tried to solve. In fact, you tried to lobby that u did nothing wrong. Guilty woman. Guilty. Wear ur stripes. Stop playing like ur saving the damn world and all people do is shit on u. U ruined a friendship because you were too irresponsible to take care of ur own responsibilities AND I'm not the only person I know u left holding the bag on things u should pay for or take care of. People need to know the truth. Just sayin...
Thursday at 6:38am Like

Cheranda Akers Wow that was brave Teresa...I've been friends with you since I was 13 years old, and in all those years I never once had an argument with you over NOTHING! I do not owe you 1200.00, I paid you 1300.00 & yes, still have the reciept where I did pay you...I'll post it on here since for some reason your being this way (UNBELIEVEBLE...I REALLY AM SHOCKED) I still have those dresses hanging in my closet for you, I told you that I'd get them out for you when you came in...however when you were in, I was working 60 hours a week & didn't really have the time to meet with you bc I was working.I guess you wouldn't know what it is like to sacrifice time with your kids and have to work your ass off to pay the bills...right? Maybe the work your ass off part, but you have no patience for children at all what so ever!!! Wow...this really gets me...after ALL the freakin times I've kept my damn mouth shut & never said a word to you, took it with a grain of your extremely HARD to deal with, being the reason why no relationships work for you...there ya have it sweetheart...I'm telling it on here, since you want to make me look like the bad person here right, I'll tell you why nothing works! Like the relationship you had where you were trying to discipline the guys children that you JUST met...uh don't do that T, big NO NO! Your not kid friendly and I think everybody knows this! My trip with you to Louisiana was absolutely horrible...horrible...horrible! My kids were screamed at everytime they said a word AND you expected my 7 & 9 year old to ride in a car for what 16 hours with only 2 breaks & you rushed them to hurry up & screamed at them bc they shut the door too hard! I actually text MOM and wanted her to wait on us in Alablama so I could get in the car with her, as you were driving me crazy but they were already too far ahead of us! You know I take alot Teresa from people & honestly I wish now I would have told you the things I held in to save our friendship! I'm really sick to stomach over really just surprises me how you do people that HELP YOU! I took on that apartment bc for one...yes I needed a place to live, #2 I didn't HAVE to live there, but it would have saved you from having to pay the rent & utilites every month when you weren't even living there, and I did pay you every month...I do remember a few times I gave you the money for the electric bill & you didn't pay it right away & I think it added up & you didn't realize that I DID give you the money!!! I paid you every month...still have the reciepts...want those too? I not only did that, but took care of your mail & anything of importance that came in the mailbox for you...I shipped those things too you, as well as packed up the entire apartment by myself, only to have you BITCH at me when you got here bc it was not all out yet! At this time I was working 7 days a week! Then you also bitch at me bc there were stars on the know..the glow in the dark stars that kids love...not crayon marks or markers or anything bitched about the glue from the stars on the wall! When I moved in there, there was a piss stain by the front door, under the rug, BUT you insist on griping at me over the carpet tore up in one door way, in which your dogs tore up the other doorway! I also cared for those dogs for about 2 months & you paid me a whoppin $100 for keeping them & for the headache of having them in my home, but I took them to HELP YOU, so I never bitched or complained...I took the money with a smile ! I also had one dog that got HOTSPOTS ( google it) their hair falls off their back! I took this one mulitple times to the vet to figure out what in the world was wrong? I can go back further Teresa to the days when mom would buy me BRAND NEW Levis & I let you wear them, and I took the heat when the ass was busted out & I got in trouble for letting you wear them bc you had few clothes to wear! I honestly think that the progress that you have made has went to your flippin head or something! I'm not the only one who feels this way about either...thats another thing I don't BLAB about being as I'm SUCH a BAD PERSON!
Thursday at 11:40am Like

Cheranda Akers Btw the ex didn't key your car bc you made us leave the apartment which was not true either... we left because your lease was up in MARCH! He keyed my car bc he didn't want me to go to Louisiana...he was psychotic!!! I also faught tooth & nail to keep him from smoking in YOUR apartment...

However...keep on saying whatever Teresa, your the one that has JUST NOW ruined this friendship! Btw...when you get time, you can mail me back the only gift that my father ever gave me & that was a journey pendant that I gave you bc I didn't have the money to buy you anything for christmas at that time... so you can mail that to me, It means alot...thanks
Thursday at 11:48am Like

Teresa Campbell ‎1. He keyed MY car not yours. 2. You were told to leave because you hadn't paid in 2 months. 3. You took a house full of furniture u promised to pay for and didn't. 4. I made arrangements a few times for u to give me those dresses back and something always came up. 5. Danielle Thompson has been talking smack that I kept her HS yearbook THAT YOU HAVE...give it back to her. And 6. You can have the pendant when I get my dresses (one was $150 that I never wore) back, u give Danielle her yearbook, you pay me for the furniture and rent $1200 + the $1000 of body work to fix my car. I'll even fed ex it to you overnight when the requirements are met. The friendship was ruined when u failed to treat me like a friend by using me financially. You are over 30...and your own responsibility not mine. I'm not mad, but I get disgusted when u post things like "wah wah - bent over backward to help someone out, wah wah, boo poor me they pissed in my
Thursday at 12:38pm Like

Teresa Campbell cheerios" ...PUHLEASE...u dropped a green turd in mine.'s over now...but my bank accepts deposits whenever you want to get squared away. What would u do if someone did all that to you? Invite them out for group pedicures? Ha ha...
Thursday at 12:39pm Like

Cheranda Akers see...your terrible Teresa, I never said it was my car...I took up for you so much and tried to have him respect the apartment & he hated you bc I would also tell him...this is can't smoke in here. He hated it bc I took up for his eyes, you meant more to me than he did, so he keyed your car out of jealousy & bc he didn't want me to go with you in the first place... he knew you'd be pissed at ME & wouldn't want me to go with you...HELLO.YOUR the reason we aren't together! I did pay got the money. Stop trying to make me look bad Teresa. You do a friend THIS WAY! WOW...I'll be glad not to call YOU my friend! Exactly...a few times we have made arrangements...I was WORKING & no longer felt the need to DROP everything 4 that is what I did for months...but I seen the treatment & where it got me when you came in to get your stuff from the apartment, and I'm not going out of my way for you anymore...sorry! You waited until Brooke & Jason got there & treated me like crap & made me look like I destroyed your apartment...I did paint the wall GREEN right & that WOULD have something to do with the deposit...however you painted it! OH & wow, how ODD...didn't you lose a previous friendship over the same situation almost....what does that say Teresa? It seems to me that you had quite a few years to give it back to her...right? Now its on me??? BY THE WAY GOOD FRIEND...LMAO, I'm not even 30 yet! Again...I DID NOT financially use you...your the one who uses & & & doesn't know anything about RESPECT when you come to another beings HOME! You asked me once I recall what in the world is wrong with me Cheranda??? I didn't have the heart to tell you, but you have a serious issue with an attitude & dealing with situations...
Thursday at 1:01pm Like

Teresa Campbell Cheranda, I don't need to be a total butthole about it. Email me ur address. I will mail ur pendant.
Thursday at 1:44pm Like

Cheranda Akers thats fine T, but will that be before or after you post another comment about me being so irresponsible & such a bad friend, as I THINK you owe me an apology for posting something to begin with & you can tell everybody I'm a good friend & I have been there for you through thick n thin...the kind of friendship where you can go years w/o talking and pick up again & it was like it never missed a beat!
Thursday at 1:51pm Like

Teresa Campbell I still have the paperwork
Thursday at 1:53pm Like

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  1. Old Comment know her handwriting & that was a letter that was emailed to her for her to sign, and email back to me for me to print & sign, that I had saved in my email! I paid $1200 + $100 cash a few weeks prior to that, for what was LEFT IN THE APARTMENT after she went through what she wanted to take with her!
    Posted 07-17-2010 at 08:32 AM by cher25051016 cher25051016 is online now
  2. Old Comment
    By the way Don't YOU DARE LIE AGAIN & say the check bounced, but in case you do...I have a copy of that too! So...again problem is solved, I've cleared up what you posted about me & you email me your NEW address where your living & I'll be glad to send you your dresses...
    Posted 07-17-2010 at 08:35 AM by cher25051016 cher25051016 is online now
    Updated 07-17-2010 at 09:26 AM by cher25051016

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