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Saving the Antiques from the Monster Storm Sandy

Posted 11-01-2012 at 09:49 PM by North Bayshore Antiques

Aloha, It has been a rough last few days since the Super storm! Mandatory Evacuation up and down the Eastern Coasts threatened all of our securities. We saw the ravaging effects of the yesteryear storm Irene, and it just seemed like yesterday that we were all in the same mode. We live on a Tidal 9,000 Acre National Wildlife Refuge and everything evolves around nature and the tides. We live on a five mile barrier island that is sandwiched between the Delaware Bay and a large Tidal Estuary. My small garden is my refuge and my pride. It is a respite from the mundane chores of work and household. The garden is fronted by many very tall lo lobby Pines that are native and wild to the area. It is difficult to grow a garden here, with the sandy soil, of this area that we live. The day we found out that we would be Grandparents we planted a small strong study red berried holly tree. I love the Holly Tree as it represents strength and stability and the Druids considered it a Protector. This would be Conor's Tree and we would watch it grow, just like the new grand baby. One can only prepare and heed the warnings of a hurricane, but we cannot fathom each and every event that occurs. We worked diligently saving our Antiques and moving them from the lower level to the upper levels of our home. We live with Beautiful Antiques, and to think about saving them, is to save a small piece of history. One can think of the many hardships that our ancestors endured to save and protect these treasures that we enjoy today in our homes. We decided we were better served to stay, and did not heed the mandatory evacuation. We felt a need to be here, and so we stayed. The Antiques were safe and protected. We did not think of much more. We watched the storm outside our windows and watched the water surge, only to realize that we still had not seen the larger event of the Full Moon Tide. The Water surged, and along with the heavy strong winds, several of the large lo lobby pines fell. At the time it seems so destructive I could not see anything positive about the occurrence. I watched my garden become a large lake covered with high tidal waters. One of the Large lo lobby Pines that fronted the house dropped several feet from the tip top of Baby Conor's Planted Holly Tree. It dropped just close enough for me to realize that any further fall, would have been a destructive loss of the small planted tree. Small miracles happen to us each day, and it is how we perceive them. I told the story to the man who helped us remove the felled trees and he was so impressed with the story. He roped and secured the fallen tree so as not to allow Conor's Tree to be damaged. My husband and I pulled the secured rope and kept a tight hold as the man used the chain saw to cut the tree, so as to fall safely away from Baby Conor's Holly Tree. Little Miracles happen every day and during the midst of devastation and crisis and we sometimes must calm our minds to see the little miracles of life. I was only thinking about saving the Antiques and it never crossed my mind that just as important to me was the Beautiful Small Holly Tree we planted for our Grandson Conor. Happy Antiquing for that OOAK Treasure! Maripat North Bayshore Antiques
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