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Tiffany's Real Estate Newsletter!

Posted 05-26-2011 at 07:17 PM by tiffdunn

Tiffany Dunn
Equity Real Estate
Volume 45

Inside This Issue…

Father’s Day Gifts……….….1

Take Control of Diabetes .....2

Improving Home Value….…3

Fun Fact:

Women have a better sense of smell than men.

Tiffany Dunn’s


Word of the Month:
Studies have shown that your income and wealth is directly related to the depth of your Vocabulary. Here is this month’s word so you can impress your friends.


\mahr-juh-NEY-lee-uh\, noun;

1. Notes in the margin of a book, manuscript, or letter.


On the huge mahogany table there lay face down a badly worn copy of Borellus, bearing many cryptical marginalia and interlineations in Curwen’s hand.

Quotes to Live by:

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.”
–Mark Twain

Say What?

Off the Record

Something said in confidence that the one speaking doesn’t want attributed to him/her.

Father’s Day gift ideas for any dad

(ARA) - This Father's Day, forget the usual standby gifts and give him something to escape from his nine-to-five. Here are three gift ideas that will be sure to make you a Father's Day hero.

For the snacking dad
Is your dad a cruncher of chips, a nosher of nuts or chronic consumer of candy? This year, instead of feeding his sweet tooth, feed his meat tooth with the gift of the perfect snack: Jack Link's Beef Jerky. Naturally high in protein and low in fat, calories and carbs, when it comes to snacking, Jack Link's jerky will fill your dad up, without filling him out.

Unlike some jerky snacks, Jack Link's uses only the finest slices of 100 percent beef and the flavorful seasonings that men can't seem to get enough of. Perfect for the gym, at work, in the car or at the ballgame, these snack favorites will win your dad's heart - and stomach - this year:

For the angling addict
If catching a lunker is on dad's weekend to-do list, then he'll enjoy the new Clackin' Minnow from Rapala. The Clackin' Minnow features a single stainless steel ball that transmits a loud cadence rattle that fish not only hear, but feel, as the lure produces vibrations through the water. Shaped just like a minnow, the Clackin' Minnow is designed for long casting and, on the retrieve, emits a hard-flashing action that will have dad reeling in fish after fish. Give dad this lure for Father's Day and he'll have a "clackin" good time all year.

For the gadget guy
This Father's Day, make your dad the envy of his friends with the Schlage LiNK System, the easy-to-install wireless home automation system that will give him total remote control of the house.

The Schlage LiNK System allows dad to use his smartphone to lock and unlock the doors, change the temperature of the house when paired with a Trane Remote Energy Thermostat, turn lights on and off, and more. Schlage LiNK can even send him text messages to notify him when family members have made their way home..
- Courtesy of ARA Content

Movie Trivia: Houston, we have a problem.” A definite understatement, quoted by which actor, in which movie?

a. Tom Hanks, “Apollo 13” b. Bruce Willis, “Armageddon”

c. John Wayne, “The Alamo d. Clint Eastwood, “Space Cowboys”

CALL ME NOW AT 435-224-4529
Would you like to know how much your neighbor’s home listed for?
Maybe you’re just curious. Or maybe you want to know how much equity you have in your home. Or perhaps you are thinking of selling soon and want to know how much your home increased in value. Either way, I can help…No “sales pitches” or runarounds. Just give me a call 435-224-4529 and I will give you the facts.

Economy at a Glance:

Information from

US Population Clock
World Population Clock

-April 8, 2011

Take control and avoid diabetes complications

(ARA) - For the nearly 26 million Americans with diabetes and the 79 million American adults with pre-diabetes, it is especially important to change health behaviors now in order to avoid serious complications.

Adjustments - small and large - need to be made to an individual's lifestyle, but where does a person start?

The American Association of Diabetes Educators outlines seven areas of self-care that are essential for living a healthy life with diabetes. Known as the AADE7, they are:

* Healthy eating - learning to make healthy food choices by paying attention to nutritional content and portion sizes.

* Being active - recognizing the importance of physical activity and making a plan to start moving today.

* Monitoring - learning to check and record your blood glucose levels and other numbers important to your diabetes self-care.

* Taking medication - remembering to take your medications as prescribed and understanding how they affect your body and diabetes management.

* Problem solving - gaining skills to identify problems or obstacles to your self-care behaviors and learning how to solve them.

* Reducing risks - understanding the potential complications you are at risk for with diabetes and taking steps to prevent them.

* Healthy coping - developing healthy ways of dealing with difficult times in your diabetes management.

Health care professionals known as diabetes educators can help people with diabetes learn self-care strategies for each of the AADE7, and work with individuals to set and achieve behavior change goals in order to reduce the risk of developing complications.

Medicare and some insurance plans include diabetes self-management training/education as a covered benefit. To find a diabetes educator, visit or ask your doctor for a referral to a diabetes educator in your area.
-Courtesy of ARA Content-

Food Fact:
-Research show that only 43% of homemade dinners served in the US include vegetables.

-The average child will eat 1,500 PB sandwiches by high school graduation.

Weird Laws:
Virginia- Police radar detectors are illegal.

Tennessee- It is illegal to place tacks on a highway.

-Pennsylvania- A person is not eligible to become Governor if he/she has participated in a duel.

New Mexico- You may not carry a lunchbox down Main Street.

U.S.A. Facts
- Elkhart, Indiana is the band instrument capitol of the World.

- San Francisco Bay is considered the world’s largest landlocked harbor.

And…Whether you are thinking of buying, selling, or financing real estate, or stop by and say “hi”, I’d love to hear from you…
Tiffany Dunn
Equity Real 435.224.4529, copyright 1996-2009, ARAcontent-
Think outside the box – literally – to improve
home value

(ARA) - For years, the conversation about strengthening your home's value has revolved around interior projects. However, by keeping the focus inside, you might be ignoring one of the most effective ways to bring your property value up: the garden.

When discussing home value, "garden" means more than just flower beds. It includes your lawn, gathering spaces on your property, paths and walkways, in addition to the trees, shrubs and flowers that decorate the space. In a housing market where it's still difficult to stand out, turning your attention and efforts to these areas might be just the thing that will attract buyers.

It's a simple concept: A more attractive house is a more valuable house. And since your yard and garden are often what buyers see first, it's your best opportunity to set the tone as they consider your property and what they're willing to pay for it.

Armed with the right tools, most homeowners are capable of tackling garden projects that can improve their property value, and at a relatively low cost. To get a better understanding of what lawn and landscaping equipment would be most beneficial to your yard, visit an outdoor power manufacturer website like Simply edging your yard with a string trimmer helps create a clean, finished look outdoors and can be achieved for less than $200.

Those not sure where to start can look to the wide variety of gardening websites, television programs and magazines for inspiration and practical tips. Some of the top-ranked garden attributes for improving home value included:
* A well-maintained lawn
* An inviting social area
* Stone paths and walkways
* Decorative trees, bushes and shrubs
* Well-kept hedges
* Nicely designed flower beds

Gardening season and the high real estate season coincide for a reason: Houses look their best surrounded by growing plants and blooming flowers. As the warmer months progress, remember that not only can investing in your garden give you a good return, it could also be the deciding factor in drawing a buyer to your property.

-Courtesy of ARA Content-
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