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RB Bike-Ped Bridge Steering Committee

Posted 02-21-2011 at 07:45 PM by kascheuew

Riverside-Brookfield Bike/Pedestrian Bridge Steering Committee
Kick-off Meeting

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Background
3. Purpose and composition of Steering Committee
4. Issues and opportunities to potentially address
5. Information or presentations that would be useful to advance or focus our efforts
6. Future Meetings
7. Other

Action Items

Important Dates
○ Next Meeting March 16, 2011

Meeting Details
} 02/16/11
} 7:30 pm

} District 208 Conference Room

} Randy Brockway
} Michelle Ryan
} Robert Dixon
} John Mick
} Tom Krankowski
} Kathi Krankowski
} Marco Novarro
} David Bonnette
} Kurt Scheuermann

Minutes prepared by
} Kurt Scheuermann

1. Introduction of Committee Members
a. Randy Brockway is a Landscape Architect and resides in Riverside
b. Michelle Ryan is a Transportation Planner and resides in Brookfield
c. John Mick is an Engineer and Consultant for Baxter and Woodman
d. Robert Dixon is the Registrar for the University of Illinois at Chicago and resides in Riverside
e. Tom Krankoski is an EMT and resides in Brookfield
f. Kathi Krankoski resides in Brookfield
g. Marco Novarro is a biking enthusiast who grew up in Riverside and currently resides in Brookfield
h. David Bonnette is the Interim Superintendent for District 208
i. Kurt Scheuermann is a Project Manager for Gilbane Building Co. and resides in Brookfield
j. Not in attendance - Sharon Ruffalo and John Lamberson

2. Defining the Problem

a. Approximately 550 students cross First Ave. at grade every school day in the course of walking to school. Students from the Hollywood section of Brookfield must cross to attend Hauser middle school and students from Riverside and North Riverside must cross to attend Riverside Brookfield High School.

b. First Ave is a Federal A Primary route and carries approximately 36,000 cars and 4,000 trucks per day. It is the busiest north-south artery in the area.

c. The Salt Creek bike path has a gap from north of the Zoo property to the northeast corner of First Ave. and Ogden Ave. with no safe crossing of First Ave. available.

3. Relevant History

a. The Cook County Forest preserve has proposed routes for the bike trail through Brookfield and Riverside to no avail.

b. The Brookfield Village and Hollywood PTA may have information relative to previous attempts to connect the bike path and provide for a safe crossing of First Ave. in their archives.

4. Schedule

a. Initial estimates for the schedule to realize a bridge from Randy Brockway and John Mick range from 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 years depending upon many unknown variables.

5. Budget

a. Initial estimates for the budget to realize a bridge from Randy Brockway and John Mick range from 1.5 - 3 million dollars depending upon many unknown variables.

6. Related Projects

a. Center Grove, IN - Pedestrian/Bike bridge funded through Federal Safe Routes to School dollars
b. Wood Dale, IL - Pedestrian/Bike bridge constructed to provide a safe crossing of the Salt Creek Trail over Irving Park Road
c. Water Reclamation District Sewer Rehabilitation - Major construction to begin in 2012 Brookfield and Riverside
d. West Central Municipal Conference (WCMC) Regional Bike Plan

7. Potential Partners - People at the table

a. Village of Riverside
b. Village of Brookfield
c. Village of North Riverside
d. Village of Lyons
e. Cook County Commissioner - Jeff Tobolski
f. Congressman Dan Lipinski
g. Brookfield Zoo
h. School District 208
i. School District 96
j. CMAP - Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
k. Cook County Forest Preserve

8. Possible Funding Sources

a. Safe Routes to Schools
b. CMAQ - Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program
c. Private Sources
d. Other
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